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The Tiksotropny anaerobic pressurizing laying of low durability of ANATERM-501
  • The Tiksotropny anaerobic pressurizing laying of low durability of ANATERM-501

The Tiksotropny anaerobic pressurizing laying of low durability of ANATERM-501

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Country of manufacture:Russia
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TU 2257-401-00208947-2003 (amendment No. 1)
It is applied at assembly and consolidation of motionless demountable connections (flanges, flat joints, threaded connections) working in contact with various liquid and gaseous environments.
The Tiksotropny anaerobic pressurizing laying of low durability of ANATERM-501 is cured in gaps between metal surfaces at violation of contact with air oxygen.
Collected knots have chemical and thermal oil products, gases resistance, to solutions of acids and alkalis.
- The pressurizing laying is applied to consolidation of motionless demountable connections from various metals and alloys (kadmirovanny, galvanized, anodized, fosfatirovanny, etc.).
- Laying is viscous tiksotropny composition that interferes with spontaneous running off of material from carving surfaces when drawing.
- Anaterm-501 is anaerobic laying of the accelerated hardening.
Range of temperatures
- operation From -60 °C to +150 °C
- quickly to +175 °C (1 hour)
Application conditions
Standard carving (metric, pipe, conical, etc.)
Metric max. M80, gap no more than 0,50 mm.
Development of material and its production P ISO is certified in accordance with GOST
9001-2008 (ISO 9001:2008). Certificate No. ROSS RU.IF05. K00093.
Properties of liquid material
Chemical basis Dimetakrilovy air of glycol
Appearance Uniform liquid of red color
The seeming viscosity on
Brukfildu at t (25+0,2) °C,
(A/6/2 or A/7/2) of not less than 200000 mpas
Flash temperature
in an open crucible> 193 °C
Ignition temperature> 194 °C
Spontaneous ignition temperature> 313 °C
Polymerization time
(in threaded connections) - manual durability - in 30-60 min.
At a temperature of 20-25 °C - full hardening - in 5-12 hours
Properties of material
Strength at a separation in 24 hours no more than 10 MPas
Unscrewing moment 2-5 Nm
Residual durability, % from initial, after influence
After 150 °C within 100 hours 100
After 150 °C within 500 hours 100
After 150 °C within 1000 hours 100
After -60 °C within 24 hours 100
After 10 thermocycles from -60 °C to +150 °C for 2 hours 100
After endurance at +40 °C and humidity of 98% (30 days) 100
Chemical firmness of otverzhdyonny material
Residual durability, in % from initial after influence
Lubricating oil at 130 °C within 130 hours 100
Diesel fuel at 110 °C within 130 hours 100
The A-40 antifreeze at 110 °C within 130 hours 100
Safety requirements
Fire safety Belongs to group of combustible substances.
The class of danger of material Belongs to substances 4 classes of danger.
Working conditions Supply and exhaust ventilation.
Overalls - according to "Branch norms".
Near the place of work with sealants availability of naked flame is not allowed
Utilization unsuitable to the SanPiN and the joint venture
discharge of a product in the sewerage or sewage Is forbidden to application of laying.
Transportation and storage
Packing Polyethylene bottles from 100-500 cm ³. and tubas of 500 cm ³.
Coefficient of filling of a bottle 0.6 (bottles) and 0.8 (tubas)
Transportation (look) Railway, automobile, sea or air
Protection from a sunlight is obligatory. Temperature at
to transportation no more than +30 °C.
Period of storage and conditions
Warranty period of storage - 12 months. The anaerobic pressurizing laying has to be stored in the closed container of manufacturer in the covered, dry, heated warehouse in the conditions excluding hit of moisture and direct sunshine at a temperature no more than +30 °C.
Contact with metal and hit of metal impurity in a bottle or a tuba with a product is not allowed. The product at operation and storage does not emit harmful substances in concentration dangerous to a human body.
Recommendations about application and storage
For achievement of the greatest efficiency in application of anaerobic laying, working surfaces of details need to be cleared and degreased gasoline, toluene or acetone. Anaerobic laying is a ready-made product, it is applied on a bolt carving in the quantity necessary for filling of a profile of a carving. For the purpose of acceleration of process of hardening it is allowed to use heating, and also activation of a surface. It is possible to use a bottle dropper, a brush, special batchers, the gun for a tuba or to dip carving part of a bolt into the product poured from packing of the manufacturer in a pure working polyethylene container. In process of an expenditure of anaerobic laying it is supplemented the next portion. The return discharge of a product from a working container in packing of the manufacturer is forbidden.
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 20.09.2019
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